The company

In sports from 1981

The “AFFSPORTS” – “ARTUR FLORÊNCIO & FILHOS, AFF EQUIPAMENTOS DESPORTIVOS LDA.”. Is an importer, Wholesaler distribution, producer and installer of tecnical equipament and material for sport and instalation and sports facilities in general, operating throughout the Portuguese territory (Islands Included), as well in European and African Countries.

Since 1981 in the national market with around 30 workers, the AFFSPORTS as its objctive to crontribute to inovation, funcionality and security in the physical education, sports and recreation and leisure activities through a selection of products/ brands that represent in portugal and PALOPS.

Concerned about the problems of material quality and typologies of products, has been raising awareness among decision, in all levels, for the benefits of the acquisition of certified material with safety standards, they’re being required by European Legislation. The AFFSPORTS has a keen eye for help seriously in all it can, for the prevention and reduction of accidents with material of Sports and sports facilities of any kind, aiming at the development of the sport in safety. Due to this problem, the AFFSPORTS was the first Company in Portugal to have available since 1999 Machines to do security tests to futbal goals and basketball equipment.

In 2002, after careful choice made between several companies in the sector, with experience in the supply and installation of sports equipment, the AFFSPORTS people of Prof. Mário Cabral and Arthur (Tita) Florêncio, was invited by APSI (Association for the promotion of child safety) to be part of the Working Group for the first study carried out in Portugal on the safety of football goal on School and recreational Venues. This study was presented by APSI in September 2002 to the media, allowed to evaluate safety conditions of the futbal goal used by children and young people, in school or recreational environment in order to meet the situation at national level, due to severe and some tragic accidents with futbal goals in our country.

The situation of this niche market in Portugal is complex,
by the historical circumstance of most of the supplies to Official and private entities being made on the basis of the “lowest price”. This criterion, which unfortunately prevails in the purchase options of the “owners”, and the lack of civil accountability for their actions, has come to neglect the quality of Internationally accredited brand products, where not always the price x quality is so more costly

This unfair competition highly harms the consumer, by the systematic acquisition of materials without comproved quality, and specialy harms the “budget” Whatever it may be, giving reason to the old maxim of the”cheap goes out expensive”. WE PROUDLY PAY TAXES!


From foundation to now days

Foundation of the company by partner Arthur Florêncio, with the trade of Artur Florêncio & Sons Lda., with retail store on Rua D. Carlos de Mascarenhas, nº70A, em Lisboa (Campolide).

.Marked the beginning of a new stage in the life of the Company, that was the importation, representation and distribution in the domestic market

For organizational consolidation and development of the International Department, opened a new establishment only for resale and wholesale, in 49A, from the same location.

For logistical support and the distribution of equipment for sports leisure infrastructures and technical and electronic sports material, got a warehouse with 210m2 on Cruz Quebrada (Algés).

The evolution and diversification of the market however occurred, in parallel with the significant expansion of business and consequent growth, raised the need for a profound restructuring and organization of Company, as well as the strategic decision-making vis-à-vis the challenges of the next millennium.

Foundation of SPORTLUSA Industrial Company Ltd., by members of the AFF, for the manufacture, installation and Assembly of gimno-sports equipment.

As a result of the new strategy of the company, all centralized services in building a Industrial Pavilion in the Albarraque-Linhó (Centro Empresarial Sintra/Estoril VI) in an area of approximately 1000 m 2, with offices, warehouse, showroom and service after sale.
At the same time proceeded to the installation of a new computer system prepared for the Euro and Year 2000, with a view to later certification to the quality of the company.

Also in human resources looking to constantly better training of our employees, not only in the technical areas which has been a constant of our past, but also in the areas of behavioral development, interpersonal relationship and enterprise culture.

First major installations in countries of the PORTUGUESE SPEAKING COUNTRIES, Angola and Cape Verde, in Sports Halls and sports centres with materials and equipment represented by AFF.

In terms of image, the replacement of the old logo “AFF – Equipamentos Desportivos” for a more simplified internacional new Logo “AFFSPORTS”, with the aim of pursuing the internationalization of the company.

In order to mirror and approach the reality of AFFSPORTS consolidation, we update the Social Capital to the amount of € 500,000.00.

In the face of constraints however occurred in Sports Legislation in Portugal, in particular the instruction of Decree of Law 100/2003,
a change was made in the social objects of the management of the company Sportlusa Lda., for operational reasons became a completely independent Company of the AFFSPORTS, beginning only and exclusively operate in the technical area Sports, through the execution of tests and surveys of the soccer goals and Basketball equipment.

Due to the consolidated growth of customers and the extension of technical sports products, the AFFSPORTS, expanded its facilities to another Industrial Pavilion “E” contiguous to its previous “F”, to increase and improve both offices and storage areas.

At the same time, to centralize the area of manufacture/production/Assembly and technical assistance, the company expanded also to another Industrial Pavilion “G” contiguous to the “F”

In the meanwhile we acquired new and existing machinery, specific to ensure quality installation, either in maintenance of Artificial Lawns, as well as also acquired new machinery of last generation to allow installation with quality Technological wood flooring.
Obviously, all these new and existing means of production, are led by highly experienced and qualified human resources.