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Registration and Expedition


To register for the site AFF, please use the "Create Account", available at the top right of the site.v The registration process is fairly simple. We collect only the information necessary so we can recognize, contact and provide a personalized service.v The process comprises two phases. Once you have entered the information requested by the site, you will receive an e-mail address you have given us a message that will allow you to complete the registration process and enjoy the advantages of being part of the community AFF SPORTS.v The user of the site AFF is responsible for matters of access to your account (username and password) to ensure the confidentiality of your data.


By registering you will benefit from the campaigns, exclusive offers and discounts for online customers.v The purchase process will also be easier, as soon as you login your personal data will emerge immediately filled, avoiding having to repeat information each time you place an order. You can also create, edit and store multiple addresses, for example house and job.Register here.


The user of the site AFF is responsible for matters of access to your account (username and password) to ensure the confidentiality of your data.v By using the "Account" may consult or modify your personal data, edit your list of addresses, see the orders carried out or to change your password.v In cases of misuse of site and regardless of the applicable legal procedure, AFF SPORTS, reserves the right to inter alia, to cancel the user registration, removal orders and any other type of content the user.


The photos shown may not match the settings described.v Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.v Despite our efforts, some products in our catalog may be priced incorrectly, so we see prices where we proceeded to the processing of orders. If the product price is lower, we will refund you the difference if the price is higher than reported by email and await the decision of the Customer to accept or cancel the order.


Select the items you are looking for, browsing the catalog, or using the search functionality. Add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart using the BUY option.

v To complete your purchase go to your shopping cart, using the option CART, check the cart contents and use the Checkout.

v Identify the elements essential to the processing and shipment of your order. If you have already made your registration, you can use your Address Book and avoid the manual filling of much of the required elements.v After verifying all the information, use the Checkout option. We only consider orders that all the information required has been completed properly.v Check the information from the Order Summary and use the Checkout.

v Select the payment method of your choice and use the Checkout.Wait, before any payment, our contact with the precise information of the value of postage, and the total order placed.

v Issuance of Bills:For the AFF can send a invoice for items shipped you must enter your TIN in the buying process. Failure to do will be issued a slip of simple box. The invoice or receipt to the address below where you name as the billing address, shipping address to follow only the items ordered.


v SPORTS AFF only processes a command sent by a client after confirmation of payment, so the AFF SPORTS can not guarantee the availability of the items until the beginning of that process.

v Orders are processed by the AFF SPORTS between 1-4 working days (estimated to mainland Portugal) after confirmation and acceptance of the values of the bearings, if any, by the customer.

v In the event of stock exist, AFF SPORTS can choose to: (i) contact the supplier about looking into the possibility of replacement of the missing article, by contacting the customer if the delivery or the item's price will change is that the order will continue only after consent given by the customer or (ii) cancel the order by reimbursing the customer of all sums paid.

Port of shipment:EMS18 (mainland) - Delivery by 18:00 next day



 Price *
Up to 2kg  € 5.18
From 2kg to 5kg  € 7.42
From 5kg to 10kg  € 9.77
From 10kg to 15kg  € 12.42
From 15kg to 20kg  € 19.47
From 15kg to 20kg € 20.55
From 20kg to 25kg  € 21.52

* To the price plus VAT at the legal rate.


v Orders are shipped within 24 hours or 2-4 days after confirmation of payment as indicated for each item. In the case of an order contain items with different shipping deadlines, this will be issued in the longer term.


Portugal:CTT Expresso - EMS 18 - Delivers up to 18 hours the next day

Islands:CTT Expresso - EMS ISLANDS - 7 working days

Survey in store:Seller SPORTS AFF - up to 3 days.

After this time we do not guarantee satisfaction of the order, in terms of stock.

Terms of delivery

v If not available to approve your order, you have fifteen days to express their interest in new delivery attempt. After this time the AFF considers such act as an expression of intent to terminate the contract, the order being canceled and returned to the warehouse. For more information contact

Report a late delivery:

v If you receive an email confirmation of shipment and your order has not arrived in a timely fashion, please contact us via support SPORTS AFF's online store, or via email: from 9:00 am to 13: 00h and 14:30 h às18: 00 every working day, indicating the paragraph of your order.

v In case of loss or failure of the order of delivery to the recipient, the service anomaly detection can take 14 working days to confirm the occurrence, during this period no refund is made.

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